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As with many art forms, the healing arts have the power to engage all of the senses- touch, sound, smell, sight, and even our sense of narrative and imagination- always with the aim of facilitating a deeper sense of awareness and wellbeing. Fields Wellness brings together an experienced team of independent healers offering a wide range of healing experiences in a safe and quiet festival oasis.
Yoga, massage, tarot, community acupuncture and energy work clinics, guided meditation, Qi Gong, plant walks, sound healing, alternative first aid, and various other workshops and modalities will help festival-goers maintain balance during their Fields experience and beyond.
To enjoy some of our services, booking in advance will be required. Make sure to check our schedule and sign up with us at the wellness zone. We will do our best to accommodate people dropping by, but things can get extremely busy. Suggested donation of $1/per minute for most one-on-one services.
Community Healing Tent
3:30 pm Opening Group Meditation / Intention Setting w/ Diana Keener
6-7pm Plant Walk w/ Liana Maria (meet outside tent) 
Massage Tent/Private Sessions
4-7:30 Sound Massage w/ Elaine Wujcik
Tarot Tent
3:30- 5 Tarot w/ Kate Porter
5:30-8 Tarot w/ Mary Shock
Dance Pavilion
9:30 Yoga w/ Jessica Crowley
11am Yoga w/ Brian Daniloski
Community Healing Tent
9:30-10:30 Qigong w/ Diana Keener
11am-1pm Community Acupuncture w/ Mike Drakos  
12noon – 1pm Plant Walk w/Liana (meet outside tent)
1:30pm Workshop: Protecting Your Personal Energy Field w/ Carly Ptak
3:30-5:30pm Community Energy Healing Clinic
6:00 pm Breathwork Workshop 
w/ Inspiration Community & Consciousness School
Private Sessions
9am-12:30 Massage w/ Sarah Strahorn
1-4:30 Massage w/ Stephanie Barger
5pm-8pm Massage w/Jennie Herb  
Tarot Tent
10:30- 12 noon Kate Porter
3-5:30pm Tarot readings w/ Liana Maria
6:00– 8pm w/ Mary Shock
Dance Pavilion
9 am Qigong w/ Diana Keener
10:30 am Yoga w/ Amanda Agricola
Community Healing Tent
10am-11am Sound Healing Workshop w/ Elaine Wujcik
12-3pm Community Acupuncture w/ Mike Drakos 
2:00pm Plant walk with Nicholas Becker (meet at tent)
3:30-5:30 Community Energy Healing Clinic 
Private Sessions
9am – 12:30 Massage w/Laura Kalman
1pm-4:30 Shiatsu Massage w/ Annabel
5pm- 8pm Massage w/ Sarah Strahorn
Tarot Tent
11-1 Tarot w/ Kate Porter
3-5:30 Tarot w/ Liana
6:00-8pm Tarot w/Mary Shock